Maison d’Maysa is a passionate, leading and professional production management company designed to produce unique fashion, art and lifestyle events. With the focus on (inter)national and high-end events, the company creates new opportunities and valuable (public) attention, exposure for our clients, designers and their pieces, models and all of those who are affiliated with our events & projects.

With a special character, we focus on producing high quality events. Our productions offer a unique experience. Which can also be part of your product-/brand-/design launches to communicate in a fashionable and artistic manner.

We differentiate from others with a twist in our ideas and the uniqueness of our creative concepts. We believe that class, exclusivity and exceptionality are a necessity in life. It is our mission to create sparkling and memorable memories with our productions.

Our productions consist of local, national and international stores and designers, to promote talent and new views on (contemporary) fashionable art & designs.

Maison d’Maysa caters to all of your Art, Fashion and Lifestyle Events production needs. Providing everything from exclusive professional hair stylists & make-up artists to exceptional and experienced fashion models.

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    Phone: +31687643549
    Rotterdam  |  the Netherlands